How does smoking affect you sexually

How does smoking affect you sexually

does smoking affect you sexually

How Does Smoking Affect You Sexually?

One thing is not hidden from anyone: by smoking, there is a risk of getting many diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, and kidney infection. But you do not know that a person has to face sexual problems too by smoking. Smoking increases the risk of dangerous conditions like not being able to have good sex, impotence in men, and even the threat of erectile dysfunction. Below are all the effects that are visible on the sexual health of a person due to smoking.

  • A colossal impact

Some such chemicals have been found in a cigarette, proving that smoking too much is very dangerous to the human body. It not only affects bodily function but also reduces sex time. Besides, smoking makes you ejaculate faster, reduces libido, and affects fertility. Once these problems occur, you will have to take the help of medicines like Viagra, Cenforce 200, and Fildena 100.

  • Sex Drive Down

As mentioned above, smoking has detrimental effects, and not only does it affect the testosterone level of both men and women. Due to regular smoking, the level of carbon monoxide in the human body increases, due to which the formation of testosterone is reduced. With the heavy fall in testosterone level, the speed of sex is diminished. To increase the speed of sex, the man goes to the doctor and requests effective medicine such as Vidalista 40, Vidalista 60, and Cenforce 150.

  • Contracts blood vessels

Cigarette has an essential component; nicotine can affect the flow of blood vessels, due to which muscles contract and do not provide erection in the penis. Nicotine is the component that narrows men’s bodies and makes them sexually unstable. If you are addicted to smoking, leave it as soon as possible because the hormone level in the penis is raised, which hinders the blood path from entering the penis and cannot provide a long-term erection. So, it is mandatory to take medicine that belongs to the category of PDE5 inhibitors. Medications such as kamagra oral jelly and fildena 150 inhibit the growth of cGMP and stimulate a person towards sex.

  • Dangerous for women

According to the survey, a piece of evidence was found that women’s interest in sex is also decreased due to smoking. But some doctors do not pay attention to this evidence, so sexual dysfunction in women has proven little evidence. On the other side, some professional doctors indeed directed that women who smoke may suspect a delay in orgasm during intercourse. Sexual disorders occur in women in precisely the same way as in men.

  • Fertility effect

The most dangerous effect of smoking is fertility problems; it stops the growth of the estrogen hormone. Due to which eggs are released quickly, that is why smoking women have temporary menopause rather than non-smokers. However, irregular menopause brings many more diseases, so women must be cautious about it.

Hence, you may learn the consequences of smoking. If you are addicted to it and have these sexual problems, take medicine regularly. One should ensure that if you buy Viagra generic online, and then check the tadalafil 5mg price, and it is the primary component.

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